Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Enlarged Yolk Sac? Might Not Be Enlarged After All

Ten years ago, Stacy posted on The Misdiagnosed Miscarriage.  Her doctor had given her no hope due to an enlarged yolk sac and told her to expect a miscarriage.  Her doctor was wrong.  Stacy went on to have her baby boy and he was perfect in every way.

You can read her post here:
An Update About an Enlarged Sac

Since Stacy's posts, I have talked to so many women who have been given little to no hope because of an enlarged yolk sac.  I will say up front that, yes, some have gone to miscarry but, then again, many women without an enlarged yolk sac have gone on to miscarry.  I've talked to a number of women who continued their pregnancies and went on to have babies who were just fine.

Could the problem be that the tech is making an error with measurements?  I believe that answer is a yes.  Why do I believe that is a possibility?  I've written a series of blog posts on the unreliability of ultrasound measurements:

Ultrasound Measurements in the First Trimester Are Not as Accurate As You Might Believe and Lead to Misdiagnosing Miscarriages!

And, Even More on the Unreliability of Ultrasound Measurements During the First Trimester

And, yesterday, Fletch3 shared her story of being given no hope with an enlarged yolk sac which got me thinking about all of this:

Fletch3's Story - There IS HOPE with a Large Yolk Sac

If studies are showing that ultrasound measurements can vary 8mm with different ultrasound techs, women with 'enlarged' yolk sacs need to take note.   Could your tech be wrong?  Absolutely.  That 8mm sac might only be 5mm.   On the other hand, could your yolk sac be enlarged?  Sure but there are numerous stories from women who went on to have their babies.

Enlarged yolk sac?  Don't give up hope just because your doctor has and, please, really think about the D&C you are being offered before you have it.  If there are serious complications, then yes, that D&C may be needed but if it is just because of an 'enlarged' yolk sac, it may be time to find another doctor. 

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