Saturday, August 8, 2015

This Week a Misdiagnosed Miscarriage Baby Survived Misoprostol and Another One Survived a D&C -

Despite the fact that doctors tried to end two wanted pregnancies this week, two babies survived. 

I'm used to hearing about misdiagnosed miscarriages.  I hear a new story just about weekly and sometimes several in a week.  Can you imagine how many women never find The Misdiagnosed Miscarriage site and are misdiagnosed as well.  Misdiagnosed miscarriages are a big problem.  They can end a wanted baby's life. 

Even sadder, imagine how many women are incompetently diagnosed by these doctors and have their pregnancies ended?  It happens and it happens too often.

Today, I read two posts by two different women.  One woman was given Misoprostol to end her pregnancy. Her doctor scared her into a medicated miscarriage.

Note here:  if you are not 10 weeks or more and there are no obvious complications, many doctors are fine with you waiting out a miscarriage misdiagnosis. 

Anyhow, despite taking the medication, a week later, a baby with a strong heartbeat was found (for more on Anie's story:  told Miscarriage, Took Misoprostol. HB Found!!!

While continuing to read posts, another woman reported that her doctor diagnosed an ectopic, performed laporoscopic surgery, did not find evidence of an ectopic pregnancy so performed a D&C.  Imagine this mom's surprise when an ultrasound a few days later found a gestational sac complete with yolk sac (perfectly normal this early in a pregnancy  (for more on Beksmel's story:  Confused - Pregnant or not after laparoscopy and D&C for ectopic

There are no guarantees on these babies.  We've seen some babies survive these procedures and are just fine while others go on to miscarry later. 

I am just a firm believer that if there is no immediate need for a D&C before ten weeks, a woman should stay closely monitored and take a watch and wait approach.  If she feels pushed into ending her pregnancy before she is ready, she should seek out a second opinion.  Yes, some women will miscarry naturally during that time but others may end up finding their babies. 

Please, pray for these two women and their babies.  My hope is that they go on to have uneventful pregnancies.