Saturday, October 28, 2017

Just a Reminder: IVF Pregnancies Can Be Misdiagnosed as Miscarriages Too!

Every so often, I like to do a search of the web for new misdiagnosed miscarriage stories.  What a difference a bit of time makes.  Fifteen years ago, there were no misdiagnosed miscarriage stories online.  Now?  Do a search and you'll turn up pages of stories.  Plus, you'll find many on The Misdiagnosed Miscarriage site.  

I cannot even begin to count the number of IVF pregnancies misdiagnosed as miscarriages.  Often doctors are quicker to diagnose an IVF pregnancy because they are sure of the dating.  What many are still not taking into account is that the tilt of the uterus can change dating.  Add into that human error and caution should always be taken when receiving this diagnosis.  Yes, there are many women who miscarry after IVF but there have also been quite a few who have been misdiagnosed.

Take a look at one of the web's newest stories:

Want to read more about misdiagnosed miscarriage diagnoses after IVF?  I wrote this page several years ago:

If you are being diagnosed as having a miscarriage after IVF but other signs look good (e.g. gestational sac growing even if it looks a bit behind) and there are no complications, ask for another ultrasound a week out.  As with other pregnancies, if the gestational sac is growing and not yet more than 25mm, it may be too early to diagnose.  

(((hugs))) to anybody going through this scare.