Saturday, March 22, 2014

Demanding a New Ultrasound Scan

Why is it, as women, we are often to scared to question our doctors and ask for better care?  I've talked to so many women who just feel their doctors should not be questioned because they are the professionals.  That is why I recommend over and over and over (well, you get the idea) second opinions.  For those women uncomfortable with questioning their physicians, perhaps that second (or third or fourth) doctor will be a little more proactive -or- at the very least, enough time will pass between appointments that more may be seen and a better idea of how the pregnancy is progressing.

I keep saying it but I'll say it again:

A blighted ovum should NOT be diagnosed before nine weeks. 

If you are diagnosed before nine weeks, yes, this may be a blighted ovum.  They're common but too many women on our site, including myself, found our babies at about nine weeks even those of us CERTAIN of our conception dates. 

I read a story this month of a mom who on the day she was to end her pregnancy demanded another ultrasound.  So glad she did:

Mom told to take abortion pills to remove ‘miscarried’ baby asks for second scan: finds baby alive

Now, keep in mind, even if that scan had not found her baby, unless she was more than nine weeks (and certain of her dates), she should have waited.  I went through almost a full month of scans before finding my own baby.

There are no guarantees but, at the very least, you deserve to have no doubt your pregnancy is non-viable and if they are saying blighted ovum, they cannot know that with 100% certainty before nine weeks.  I really believe that.  If there are no complications, waiting it out is the only way to know with certainty.

As always, a big (((Hug))) to anybody going through a miscarriage scare right now.

(for more on why I really believe doctors need to wait to diagnose a blighted ovum:  A Blighted Ovum Should Not Be Diagnosed Before Nine Weeks)

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