Saturday, March 22, 2014

Creating A Misdiagnosed Miscarriage Video

They say a picture equals 1000 words.  My hope this year is finish a video for The Misdiagnosed Miscarriage site.  Already, I've had a number of women send me baby photos of their own little misdiagnosed miscarriages.  I'd love to fit in as many as possible.

If you've had a misdiagnosed miscarriage baby, would you consider sharing a baby photo for this video?  I am a big believer in web anonymity so I'll link to your story at the site but would prefer to use usernames rather than real names.  Just send the baby photo to my email address at along with the link to your story.  I'll be showing the video to the families of these babies first to be certain they approve :)

While it would be awesome to have a viral video to get the word out there, I know that is very unlikely to happen.  Women are interested in this topic for a short duration of time.  My hope is to just have a video that gives each one of these women hope during an incredibly difficult time. 

Thank you!

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