Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Created a 'Ten Reasons Miscarriages are Misdiagnosed' Page

I decided to write a page today on the top reasons why miscarriages are misdiagnosed.

Ten Reasons Miscarriages are Misdiagnosed

The top reasons I've seen on The Misdiagnosed Miscarriage site are:

  1. A Tilted Uterus
  2.  Empty-Looking Gestational Sac with High hCG Levels
  3.  Diagnosed in the Emergency Room
  4.  Gestational Sac Looking One to Two Weeks Behind
  5.  Non-Doubling hCG Levels
  6.  Unexplained Bleeding
  7.  IVF
  8.  A Doctor or Nurse Did Your Ultrasound
  9.  Enlarged Yolk Sac
  10.  Missing Gestational Sac
Looking at that list and there are just too many reasons miscarriages are misdiagnosed.  I've read that if doctors would just take a wait-and-see approach (and not scare women by bringing up the 'M' word), we could do away with the vast majority of misdiagnosed miscarriages.

No matter what, unless there is an urgent need to end the pregnancy, be certain you are indeed miscarrying before having your pregnancy ended.  Often, that means waiting until nine or ten weeks. 

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