Sunday, November 23, 2014

Misdiagnosed Conditions During Pregnancy

Although I tend to blog on misdiagnosed miscarriages, far too many women are misdiagnosed in other ways during pregnancy.

I've shared my story about how my son was misdiagnosed as having Down Syndrome.  We refused to terminate.  You can read that story here: 

My First Misdiagnosed Miscarriage at 12 Weeks!

I hear stories like this quite a bit and, indeed, here is yet another story of a family who was given the option to terminate:

 Misdiagnosis or divine intervention? Baby given no hope to live, born completely healthy

I do wonder how many women terminate their pregnancies when everything really was fine.  I know, with my own ultrasound, our son showed the markers of Down Syndrome.  Really, though, even had he had it, we wouldn't have minded.  He was our son and like any parents, we were going to adore him to the moon and back.  We were surprised when he was born without Down Syndrome though.

If you are going through a diagnosis of this nature, I urge you to seek non-medical counseling as well.  All too often the medical community just sees the diagnosis and you need to talk to somebody who sees the bigger picture. 

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  1. Whenever in doubt, it is always nice to have a second opinion, especially if misdiagnosis is often known to happen with such conditions. But other than that, I think whether your child is bound for a case such as Down syndrome or comes out normal, termination should never be an option. A child is a blessing, and just like you, other parents should adore their kids to the moon and back, even if they have a condition. Thanks you for sharing this with us, Kay. All the best!

    Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney NY