Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Am All A'Flutter Over the Miscarriage-Diagnosing Guidelines in the UK!

I've just been so busy with end of school year activities that I haven't gotten as much of a chance to sing the praises of the new guidelines for diagnosing a blighted ovum. 

First, let me just tell you why I am all a'flutter:

- We have a paper by doctors, for doctors to give to our doctors.  Without something solid in JAMA or some peer-reviewed journal, some doctors won't give any credence to the idea that they could actually misdiagnose a miscarriage.  I know, you're saying, but what about all the stories from women who have been misdiagnosed?  They are purely anecdotal to some physicians and they just won't listen.  Now, we can print out the new guidelines and take them in!
- It's all about the gestational sac!  We need to quit worrying about hCG levels (they can rise, plateau and fall and still be normal).  We can quit worrying about looking one to two weeks behind.  Finally, doctors are getting it, measurements can vary from one tech to another tech to another tech.  Measurements, not so important.  What is important is watching the gestational sac grow.  If it is growing, keep monitoring once a week until it gets over 25mm and, then, wait one more week for a follow-up ultrasound to verify.  What a coincidence, eh, that that puts most women in the nine-week range which is what we've been saying for years.  A blighted ovum should NOT be even suggested before nine weeks.  
- Most Importantly, if doctor's follow these new guidelines, many babies will be saved and many women will be spared the fear and stress that comes alongside a possible miscarriage misdiagnosis
- Oh, and one more, I can retire from the misdiagnosed miscarriage business!  Okay, well, there will still be misdiagnosed miscarriages.  Although most are misdiagnosed blighted ova, I do talk to women who are misdiagnosed for other reasons (i.e. ectopic, molar, bleeding, etc...) but this would definitely give me a bit more free time! 

 If you want to know more about these guidelines, check out one of the following links:

 CG154 Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage: full guideline - the study I'm all a'flutter over (take note, clicking this link will download this as a pdf)

Misdiagnosed Miscarriage? The UK Has Changed their Guidelines. Your Doctor Needs to Take Note. (this also happens to be my previous post)

New Blighted Ovum Guidelines! You ARE Being Diagnosed Too Soon! - a page I put together to help women understand the new blighted ovum guidelines 

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