Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stories from Women Who Turned Down a D&C for Miscarriage and Later Found Their Babies!

Over the years on the Misdiagnosed Miscarriage forum, the one message that appears time and again is


Today, I've spent some time reading some of our misdiagnosed stories and if doctors had just waited until nine weeks to diagnose that empty sac, the vast majority of those women would never have had to post on our site.

Far too many women, myself included, had to turn down a D&C or medicated miscarriage before we found our babies.  I always wonder (and many women have asked), how many mothers have let their doctors talk them into the D&C before nine weeks? 

While there is always a possibility the doctor is correct and the pregnancy is indeed a blighted ovum, if there is still hope, the pregnancy should not be ended before nine weeks.

We have hundreds of stories on our site, but take a look at a few stories from women who would have lost their babies if they just didn't say, "No, thank you," to ending the pregnancy:

My own story:

When a Blighted Ovum is not a Blighted Ovum

Some of our most recent stories (at the time I'm posting this):

These are only a few of the many stories we have collected so far.  We can say, without a doubt, doctors are ending pregnancies too early.  If you are not yet nine weeks and there are no serious complications, ask to wait out your diagnosis.  It won't be easy but you don't want to look back a year down the road and ask yourself why you didn't wait those extra weeks.  You deserve to know with 100% certainty and if you are not yet nine weeks, there is still hope. 
As always, (((hugs))) to you if you are going through this scare.


  1. Is there still hope for someone who is diagnosed with a BO at 12 weeks? I have all the symptoms of pregnancy and rising HCGs.....

  2. Are you certain you are 12 weeks? I think I have heard of about two cases where the babies were not seen at 12 weeks and then seen. Very rare indeed.

  3. Is there still hope for 12 week diagnosed BO with a light bleeding?

  4. There are a few questions, I'd ask. Are you absolutely sure you are 12 weeks? Have you only had one ultrasound? One ultrasound is not enough to diagnose a blighted ovum.

  5. I was just diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 6 weeks. I was told my hcg was doubling and at 13,000, but my progesterone is only .9. Do you think there is any hope?

    1. If they have you on progesterone supplements, hopefully those levels will improve. (((hugs)))